Discover the secret sauce of flair

While I was an editor for The Wall Street Journal, I would only make four types of changes to a reporter's story. I'd make the writing more simple, clear, elegant and evocative. In this free, 40-minute course, I teach you how to apply this "secret sauce" to your book, blog and business writing to help make it sparkle.

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This course includes

  • 44m Total Length

  • 2 Sections

  • 16 Lectures


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    • Lecture 1 - Why Write Better?

    • Lecture 2 - The Secret Sauce of Flair

    • Lecture 3 - The Four Crucial Ingredients

    • Lecture 4 - How I Discovered the Sauce (+ PDF Workbook)

    • Lecture 5 - The Power Of Simplicity

    • Lecture 6 - Simplicity Exercises

    • Lecture 7 - The Power Of Clarity

    • Lecture 8 - Clarity Exercises

    • Lecture 9 - The Power Of Elegance

    • Lecture 10 - Elegance Exercises

    • Lecture 11 - The Power Of Evocativeness

    • Lecture 12 - Evocativeness Exercises

    • Lecture 13 - Tip Of The Iceberg

    • Lecture 14 - Final Thoughts

    • Key Lecture Summaries

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to improve their writing skills for work

  • Those who want to write better books, articles and social-media posts

  • Professional writers in sales, marketing or communications

  • Businesses that want to promote their products more effectively

Meet your instructor


Shani Raja was an editor for The Wall Street Journal, where he also trained journalists. He has also written for The Economist, Time magazine, the FT and Bloomberg News. Today, Shani teaches students the advanced writing and storytelling techniques he learned as a news editor. His teachings have helped authors, bloggers, business writers and Tedx speakers enhance their copywriting skills.

Are you ready to begin your journey into the world of elite writing?